Thinking of booking in for one of our amazing fun team building experiences but have a few questions? No problem.
Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below…

What if we can’t sing?!

Singing ability is not an essential requirement for these events, and we’re certainly not expecting any Mariah’s or Tom Jones’s.  In actual fact, most people can hold a tune, and our experienced studio engineers are guaranteed to get the very best out of everyone’s performance. We have some amazing technology to correct any out of tune vocals, however, often the best events are those that aren’t perfect – to prove the point, just take a listen to our promotional montage of previous clients.  Most of our catalogue of recommended songs are suitable for groups with a wide range of vocal abilities, and working as a team you will surprise yourself with your combined efforts.

What can we record?

Although we find that the most popular (and often the best) choice for corporate team build events is to record a version of a pop song (with a twist!), you can actually record whatever you like including a company anthem, advertisement / jingle, or radio play! If you have another idea, it’s not a problem as we can easily tailor our events to suit your specific requirements.

If we record a jingle, can it really be used on the radio?

Provided that the content is approved by the broadcasting regulators there is no reason why your own staff can’t become the stars of your company! The audio quality of your finished product will be superb and we will optimise it for radio broadcast. You should contact your local radio station advertising department for any specific terms and conditions of broadcasting and they will be able to advise you of their advertising costs.

What songs can we record?

Absolutely anything you like, provided that we are able to obtain the backing track for you. We currently have over 35,000 backing tracks to choose from, and if we haven’t got what you want, we should be able to get it for you.

Can we sell copies of our final recording?

Yes you can, however if you want to sell your recording of someone else’s song, you will need to seek permission from the song writer/publisher via the MCPS/PRS and pay a small royalties fee. In most cases this is not a problem and we can help you with this.

How can we use this event for PR or fundraising?

This is a great opportunity to get some free PR for your business/organisation. The local press love fun business media stories and past clients have received excellent media coverage.
If you are a fundraising organisation, or support a charity, why not sell your finished CD to all your colleagues, friends and family. We can arrange to produce CD’s for you at a great price, and help you get permission to sell the songs.

What should we wear?

Casual wear is fine. However avoid wearing shiny items and any green items of clothing.
Please also do bring a waterproof coat in the (likely) event that its raining. Part of the full day events will involve being outside for an hour or so, unless the weather is really bad and then we will have an indoor contingency.

Will we become famous and be able to leave our jobs?

Most unlikely… However there’s a hidden diva in every one of us… so you never know!